Merry Christmas to YOU!!!

Luke 2:10-11 The angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I am bringing you good news that will be a great joy to all the people. Today your Savior was born in the town of David. He is Christ, the Lord.

The key question is: What are you celebrating this Christmas?

Christmas is a lovely and wonderful time for families. It's a time of great joy, happiness and celebration! The Christmas holidays afford families time to gather and enjoy each others company and also rest from work. However, in the age of secularisation and consumerism we live in, the real meaning of Christmas seems to be lost. It has become mostly a commercial festivity, time for over indulgence, family squabbles which present so much stress and financial burden. Many people organise Christmas parties without the person whose birthday they are celebrating being involved, mentioned or present at all in their festivities!

Contrarily, Christmas is a time of real hope for man and a time for celebration of the generous gift of God to mankind - Jesus, the Saviour of the World. It is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to save us from our sins, paving the way for us to restore our relationship with God, who is our loving Father. Christmas is the demonstration of God's overwhelming love for sinful mankind. The birth of Jesus is good news to all mankind and makes the following possible:

Jesus born a mangerPurpose of Christmas:christmas 2013
                        1. It is a time of joy and a time of celebration of God's goodness.
                        2. It is a time of love.  
                        3.  It is a time of forgiveness for sins.
                        4.  It is a time reconciliation.
                        5. It is a time of peace.
                        6. It is a time of hope.
                        7. It is a time for new beginnings

We invite you to join us in Our Christmas celebration activities

We are organising special Christmas Services suitable to all ages, knowledge and interests to explain and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas! Bring your family to experience these wonderful, fun and hope filled services and events. 

1. Sunday, 15th December: Christmas, A Time of Forgiveness at 10.30am

The love God has for us made Him send His One and only Son Jesus Christ to show us the way back into a relationship with Him. Jesus came to pay for the penalty of the sins of all mankind. Through the personality and work of Jesus, we can have our sins and guilt removed. We will share why and how we can experience forgiveness from sin?

2. Sunday, 22nd December: Christmas, A Time of Reconciliation at 10.30am

We all need reconciliation in our relationships to feel happy, worthy and fulfilled in our lives. Sin (wrong doing) and guilt affect our inner peace and personal well being. God through Christ has bridged the gap created by man's selfish and self-centered decision to disobey God's law and do things our own way. We now can experience reconciliation and peace in our inner being and learn how to live in harmony with others. We will learn how we can have peace and reconciliation in our lives and relationships.

We will also have a Christmas Party and share a meal together soon after the service. 

3. Tuesday, 24th December  Carols & Hot Mince Service at 7.30pm

Christmas is a time of great joy and good cheer! Join us in singing traditional Christmas Carols and share hot mince pies in an evening of good cheer and good wishes to all in our community. Come and exercise your voices in an atmosphere of good cheer!

4. Sunday, 29th December: Christmas, A Time of Peace at 10.30am

We all need peace to pursue our work and passions in life. We were made to progress and make a difference in life. It is only when we have peace within that we can live in peace with our neighbours. We will share what contributes to and how we can experience peace within?

New Year's Eve!!

We will end the year with a celebration and merry making event on 31st December dubbed "Hope for Tomorrow" starting from 8pm till midnight. It will be a time of praise, testimonies and and celebration of God's goodness in the year 2013! Come and join us give thanks and look forward to 2014 with great hope and optimism. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! We appreciate your partnership.

For any help or further information please call us on 01430 879927.

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