Resolving Difficulties

  • "I am in a relationship that seems to be going nowhere!"


  • "I can't find a solution to the conflicts I'm having with THAT person!"


Pre-Marital Counselling

Conjugal relationship with the opposite sex goes beyond physical and emotional attractions. There is such an intimate and spiritual dimension to this relationship that participating in it with a lack of biblical understanding is likely to lead to a rushed involvement, and the consequent failure can lead to very serious damage to the soul (the very essence of the individual''s personality). Read more: Pre-Marital Counselling

Maintaining your love life

Oneness – The key to lasting marriages
Are you married? Are you seeking to rekindle your love life? We would like to invite couples who want to strengthen their marital relationships to join us on the following course. This is an occasion to express to someone special in your life how much you deeply love him or her and together explore the deeper meaning of a loving relationship.

Read more: Maintaining your love life

 Building Relationships

This division of Living Springs Ministries seeks to build strong relationships among family members, marriages, neighbours, communities, strengthen work relations, promote good care and stewardship for our environment. Read more: Build Relationships