Plan of Action for Youth Ministry

  1. Engage teenagers in conversation
    -  Find out their interests
    -  Invite them to discuss issues of interest to them
  2. We have established a youth club called the Youth Talking Point at The Life Centre, a place where teenagers from all backgrounds come into a warm and safe place to play, learn and discuss local, national and global issues
    • We offer career counselling, guidance and support to individuals
    • We offer help with their educational needs – subject specific and whole school issues in a friendly environment
    • We engage young people in discussing social and community, religious and moral issues
    • We provide them learning facilities relevant to their educational, industrial and economic development
    • We challenge young people to develop their social skills – open mindedness, group dynamics, teamwork, cooperation, consideration and competition.
    • We periodically invite in various professionals to give talks on various issue retaing to young people.
  3. We discuss and teach the youg people about relationships – how to develop healthy relationships in life
  4. We encourage the youths to learn about developing a godly balance on health, fitness and lifestyles issues.
  5. We discuss environmental awareness and community action projects - including clean ups and gardening
  6. We promote the development of analytical and critical skills
  7. We discuss issues about differences in society and how to deal with them
  8. We discuss topics such "Fame and Fortune" - Blessings or Misfortunes?
  9. We discuss virtues life and for good communal living including:
    • Love vs. Hatred
    • Sharing vs. Greed
    • Kindness vs. Selfishness
    • Care/Consideration vs. Cruelty
    • Commitment vs. Irresponsibility
  10. We also talk about personal development issues:
    • Role models
    • Parent-child generation gap
    • Peer pressure
    • Friendship
    • Concept of having fun
    • Media
    • Issues with growing up
    • Sex
    • Drugs
    • Alcohol
    • Music
    • Ambition and Aspiration
    • Goal setting
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