Pre-Marital Counselling

Conjugal relationship with the opposite sex goes beyond physical and emotional attractions. There is such an intimate and spiritual dimension to this relationship that participating in it with a lack of biblical understanding is likely to lead to a rushed involvement, and the consequent failure can lead to very serious damage to the soul (the very essence of the individual''s personality).

We believe you should get as much knowledge, understanding and help if you’re looking to enjoy a blissful relationship! Our short course is perfectly designed to help you achieve just that.

The Course

Are you seriously looking for a happy, intimate and supportive relationship? We live in an era of so many heartaches due to relationship breakdowns. We believe this should not be your experience. We feel these sad and traumatic relationship breakdowns are happening because many lovers are not helped to understand the real issues involved and the benefits of enduring relationships. We invite you to join us on a short course, which will help you to understand what you need to achieve an enduring marital relationship.

Course Content

  1. Understanding yourself
  2. What are you looking for in a spouse?
  3. Kinds of love relationships
  4. Falling and staying in love
  5. Examples of true lovers
  6. The ingredients for enduring love relationship
  7. For Better or for Worse? - The meaning of commitment
  8. Resolving conflicts
  9. Growing in love - spicing up your love life
  10. How can I make it last?
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