Growing People

Growing PeopleThis division of Living Springs Ministries seeks in the long-term to build state of the art facilities for leadership and entrepreneurial training, and community activities. Currently, we are leasing a centrally located building (Armstrong House) in Market Weighton, which we call The Life Centre. The Life Centre

From here, we run many personal development, community training and learning activities, which are already transforming the lives of many local people in so many different ways. Our wide variety of activities range from physical exercises, mental and social well-being of individuals activities, training of the unemployed and older adults in information and communication technology, youth development activities, staff training facilities of local businesses and organisations. We run a weekly Biblical principles for daily living courses, and provides volunteer training and opportunities.

We believe God wants us to build stronger communities and improve the economic and social potential of believers in Christ and the entire community, which we serve.

We are praying, working hard and planning to develop a modern purpose-built facility for training and development which will totally transform lives of people Faith Cityfrom the local community as well as from afar including overseas. We want to become a training and sending out church, which improves the whole well-being of people - spirit, soul and body. We want to build a modern campus, which will be call "Faith City - A Centre for Spiritual Leadership and Excellence." A campus, where people are going to be equipped and trained base on Biblical principles for leadership and enterprise. A place where people are trained to think and focus on providing solutions not problems. A faith city, where God inspired dreams are birthed! We are looking for more and greater opportunities to develop professional and technical know-how that will be available to serve all in our community. We believe this is the way forward in changing the aspirations of people, providing opportunities for all and promoting the areas potential to the outside world. We need your partnership, prayers and financial support to make this vision a reality for the many destined to benefit. We need people who have a passion to make a difference and leave a legacy for posterity to benefit, money and land to build this faith city!

Currently, we are running 12 projects and activities at The Life Centre, which are developing the participants self confidence and esteem, learning of new skills and improving social relationships. We operate a food bank called LOVE MISSION, which provides families and individuals within the local community food parcels to ease the constraints posed by the economic difficulties and job losses. We successfully run a number of externally funded projects, which provide hope for those who are finding life challenging and are without stronger support networks.

We need partners and financial support to be able to meet more needs, transform more lives, provide ministry and support from fit for purpose built premises, which will be able to accommodate people from all walks of life including the physically disable. Please, consider to support our ministry through any means you can (one of donation, regular giving, dividend, legacies, endowment etc.).

We will be most grateful for your partnership in transforming lives and changing communities by the love of Christ. Just like the Apostle Paul, we say that "But it was good that you helped me when I needed it. You Philippians remember when I first preached the Good News there. When I left Macedonia, you were the only church that gave me help." - Philippians 4:14-15. Your help truly touch lives and transform people for the better! Please, contact us for more information or to discuss your support (Telephone: 01430 879927 or Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ).

Thank you for your partnership and help! Every Blessings in Christ.

Dr. Alex Appiah, Pastor & General Overseer


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