Youth Talking Point

The youth of today are the hope and pillars of our tomorrow’s society. They will determine the strength, stability, and sustainability of our country’s economic growth. The type of training and development they are receiving from home and school will determine how successful the next generation will be. Naturally, during this transition stage, young people are faced with many challenging issues including finding out their real identity, finding friends and fitting in, dealing with parental issues, and carving out their personal belief system and philosophy of life.


We believe this stage of your life is very crucial and you need to be given good guidance in order to make a successful transition into productive adult life. At Living Springs Ministries Youth Development, here are some of the issues we want to discuss with you in a friendly, supportive and fun atmosphere! These courses are available at beginners and advanced levels.

We invite you to join us in an exciting journey of discovery that will transform your world for the better! You can enjoy your youth, be accepted and loved, happy with yourself and get the best out of life! Remember, we’ve been through what you’re going through now and can help you make the experience a pleasant one. Contact us for more details.


CourseMain IssueTopics Discussed
Up Close! Discovering My Real Identity Being Real, My Uniqueness, My Personality, My Abilities, Strength and Weakness, God''s Call
Belonging Finding Friends and Fitting In Acceptance, Fitting In, Being Myself, Feeling Secure, Getting Close, True Friends
Stress Surviving Day 2 Day Stressed Out, Daily Grind, Making the Grade, Feeling Alone, Dealing with Disappointment, Facing Failure
Hassles Getting Along With My Parents Parental Requests, Parental Expectations, Family Tension, Dealing With Frustration, Arguing Over Relationships, Making Things Right
Hot Issues I''ve Got to Talk to Somebody! Life in the Jungle, Loose Morals, Hidden Secrets, Don''t Get Used, Just Say No! Take a Stand
Confirmation What Do I Believe? Is there a God? Why all these religions? Is God really a father? Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, The Christian Church, Forgiveness of Sins, Resurrection and Life!


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